About the Owner



Meet the CEO of Jorryn Amaja's Collection!

Just a young black woman with a dream! For a long time I have wanted to have my own business and have something to call my own that I built. Jorryn Amaja's Collection was created for women to feel their best self and look good while doing it! We provide all natural lip care and the hottest new styles of vegan glosses, 15mm mink lashes, and sunglasses. 

      It was in May of 2020 when I first had the idea of making my brand but for a while I put it off thinking I didn't have time to run a business and wondered if I could even handle it. It was in that moment that I realized, I would never know the potential of my brand if I didn't even try. So within a matter of a couple of weeks I did tons and tons of research and watched Youtube video after Youtube video until I was 100% confident that I could do this. It was then that I created Jorryn Amaja's Collection!